Two Saints is Joe Mazzari, Marky Mussel, Pat Moynihan & Will Wrynn


Saturday, April 5th @ The Spotlight Tavern, 208 Rantoul Street in Beverly, MA with our good friends Greg Allen's 
Fringe Religion, The Low Babies & Mike Woo's Raging Bone. Show starts @ 8PM

"The best thing that happened on Valentine's Day...this came out"
Valentine by Two Saints

"Two Saints have the power and the attitude to take control of the crowd. These guys are a no-bullshit, hard rock outfit in the vein of pub rock greats like AC/DC. There is Joe Mazzari (guitar, vocals) who is internationally known as a member of The Daughters who backed up Johnny Thunders in the '80s. Marky Mussel has an impressive history with Marky Mussel & The Clams, The Varmints, The Fugitives, and American Pulverizer. The rhythm section of Pat Moynihan on bass and Will Wrenn on drums proceed to rock our faces off."
Nancy Neon - The Noise

Two Saints Live @ R Bar/NYC March 16th, 2013